That one is slightly new. In September I began to watch Supernatural. Clearly you see what road that led me down. As I’ve donned my FANGIRL!!?!?!? hat once again for another beloved group of people.  Dean loves pie, I love DEAN and Pie. 
Even before I ever watched Supernatural one of my “bucket” list dreams is to take a train across the US and Canada and go have pie and coffee with the internet friends I’ve collected in the last 15 years of internet existance. SO it makes total and complete sense. Even though I’ve always prefered the term hussy to bitch :D And God Bless Cas, Don’t we all love pie, Supernatural fans or not? Because even if you aren’t a fan of sweet pies there is always Sheppard’s :D :D 
PieBitch? Is there a story to that one? because god i love pie lol.
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    1. wonderlandsimsx said: Well if you’re ever gonna travel Australia and stop in perth, i’m always keen for Pie. I love all pie, sweet and savory!
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