So, I’ve hit a milestone when it comes to followers and I want to do something special. 

I’m offering custom sims out as a thank you to the first SEVEN. People that send me asks.  

I know you are probably thinking, DUDE Melanie you make sims all the time. How is this a prize? Well, the key difference is that you will get to choose if you want your download as public or private, PLUS you’ll tell me what you want. 

The only stipulation to the public/private download is that if you ask for a Celebrity I will make all celebrity sims public downloads. Any custom random sim can be optionally made as a private download. 

Custom Sim Form: 

I want a Celebrity: (just tell me the name and I’ll have to message you specifically for what you are looking for)

I want a Custom Non-Celebrity:




Skin Tone: ie color/ do you want freckles etc

Special instructions:

*it may take up to 2 weeks for me to finish your request. I’m slow and I’m in college. 

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